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Some European’s Foreign Ministries give green light to Egypt Travel

The Foreign Ministries of some Europeans countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, lifted their advisory against travel to tourist resorts on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast recently.

Austrian tour operators are preparing to resume the flights back to Egypt

The Austrian tour operators announced the resume of the flights back to Egypt, after they stopped over the past two weeks.
They start to organize charter flights to tourist destinations located on the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea cities like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh & also Luxor & Aswan.

Jordan support travelling to Egypt

Jordanian travel agencies began promotional campaigns to support travelling to Egypt. After stabilizing the situation in Egypt.
They are optimistic the return of joint tourist programs between Jordan and Egypt, gradually in conjunction with the return of stability of the Egyptian street.

the few visitors who have not abandoned their Egyptian holidays are being greeted like heroes by tour guides.

The democracy protest that toppled Mubarak sent more than one million tourists fleeing in hurried evacuation flights – a major blow to the country’s biggest economic sector.

Near the Pyramids, Romanian tourist Ustiena Yuariano said: “We heard about all the problems, the political situation here in Cairo, but I feel safe, I don’t see anything bad here, so it’s OK, it’s nice.”

February is the peak time for Egypt’s tourism season. Fifteen million people visited last year and the sector earned an estimated 9.6 billion euros.

In the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh tourists were few and far between, but happy they had come. One British visitor said: “We were concerned beforehand but once we got here, we were more than happy, we really have enjoyed ourselves,”

Others said they felt honoured to be there at this historic time and had joined in the celebrations when Mubarak quit.

Battered Egyptian tourism hopes for swift recovery after protests

Hundreds of tour guides gathered Monday at the nearly deserted Great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo. Their Valentine’s Day message, written on banners in English, French, German and Russian: “Egypt loves you.”

They could have added: “And needs you.”

Egyptian tour guides wave their national flag as they call on tourists to return to the country following the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime at the Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo on February 14.
Egypt’s crucial tourism industry draws 14.7 million visitors a year, accounts for one out of every eight jobs and represents 11% of the nation’s economic output. But it has collapsed in the wake of pro-democracy demonstrations that began three weeks ago.

Czech tourists flocking back to Egypt

Prague, Feb 15 (CTK) – The interest of Czech tourists in holidays in Egypt has exceeded the offer provided by travel agencies and after the discontinuation of trips to Egypt over the security situation the first will fly there at the forthcoming weekend, Daniel Plovajko, spokesman for the Fischer travel agency, told CTK Tuesday.Due to the exceptional interest, the company had to use a plane with a higher capacity, Plovajko said.Excess of demand has also been confirmed by Exim Tours and Blue Style, another two travel agencies with the biggest volume of tourists.They said the two-week pause in the sale of holidays was the cause, but the prices did not change.

Britain says it’s OK to travel to Luxor

The British government has changed its travel advice for Egypt, telling its citizens it is no longer advising against travel to Luxor.”We continue to advise against all but essential travel to Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez,” the Foreign Office said on its website, “However, we no longer advise against all but-essential travel to Luxor.”According to latest information, Luxor and the Red Sea Resorts, including Sharm el Sheikh, are calm,” the advisory said. “However, the situation across Egypt is unpredictable and may change quickly.You should stay in touch with your tour operator.”

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