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Egypt AswanAbu Simbel

The Google doodle today shows the moment that the sun shines on the faces of the statues, drawing the attention of the world to this intriguing phenomena and highlighting the treasures that Egypt has to offer to its visitors.

Every year on February 22nd and then again on October 22nd, the sun creeps into the inner sanctum of the carefully aligned Temple of Ramesses II, lighting up the statues of the sun gods  Re-Horakhte and Amon-Re, as well as a statue of the pharaoh himself. Only one seated figure remains in the shadows at all times, Ptah, the God of Darkness. The magical Solar Festival happens twice a year, once to celebrate Ramesses II birthday and then again to celebrate his coronation. The Abu Simbel temples have been moved from their original location after they were put under the threat of submersion by the water’s…

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