Egyptian Ministry of Tourism Latest News

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The Ministry of tourism has been closely following the latest development in Egypt Domestic political scene , taking in consideration that such political developments are of temporary nature and are quite expected during this transition of the Egyptian Revolution

The Ministry of tourism take this opportunity to reassure its international tourism partners As well as its guests that these political developments do not affect services rendered to tourists and that business is as usual where Egyptians are keen to welcome their guests throughout the country .

The tourist arrivals to Egypt during the period Jan- Sep 2012 show an increase of 20.2% over the same period in 2011 (figures)

The Tourism industry in Egypt  – resilient as ever – continues to develop, plan and move ahead with the number of calculated new products such as the reoperation of the Nile cruises after a halt period of more than 15 years .

The kebbash Road connecting Luxor Temple with Karnak Temple will be reopened – after  a full over healing process – to visitors in March 2013 , as well as new measures to renovate the pyramids area . All touristic sites in Egypt are fully open to visitors as usual .

All those action reflect the vast interest and support the current Government of Egypt attaches to the Tourism Industry as one of the main pillars of Egyptian national economy.

The Ministry of tourism – once again – expresses its commitment to all measures to further develop and sustain this important industry ; welcoming tourists at all times .


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