We’ll be back on the tourism track: Egypt

Click me Egypt’s Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou says the country’s tourism industry will be back in full force soon, despite recent difficulties.

Following last year’s political disruptions, the home of the Great Pyramids has struggled to regain travellers’ confidence, however, Mr Zaazou expects it all to turnaround, The Egyptian Gazette reported. He explained efforts made the Ministry as of late to reinvigorate the sector will soon payoff.

“It is time to work hard and to go forwards, not backwards,” the Minister said.Speaking at the a musical and archaeological celebration in the house of Lord Howard Carter earlier this month, Mr Zaazou reiterated that Egypt is still safe and secure for travellers from across the globe.

Last month, Egypt officially reopened the second largest of the Giza Pyramids after three years of renovations.

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