Sharm El Sheikh The City that never sleeps

Sharm El Sheikh – the City of Peace – is where tourists from all around the world come to spend an unforgettable vacation of their dreams.

Sharm El Sheikh is strategically located at the southern edge of the Sinai Peninsula, where the two gulfs of Aqaba and Suez meet with the Red Sea; thus considered a meeting point between both Asia and Africa. A recreation, residential and business resort.
Sharm, the City
The city is endowed with a moderate sunny weather, almost all year long, charming turquoise water, coral reefs and distinctive types of fish. Besides a variety of land and water sports, visitors can just lie down and enjoy the warm sun on the fine white sand beaches or hotel swimming pools. From Sharm, you can embark on sea excursions to any of the nearby protectorates, or on a desert safari excursion. Sharm boasts of a large number of hotels and restaurants that cater nearly to all kinds of budgets; it is a fascinating, recreational and night life city that never sleeps, offering a lot to its visitors, and there is basically everything for each and every taste.


Sharm has wide a range of hotels that are lined up along Sharm Peace Road and different bays; most of them are at a walking distance from the main Ne’ama bay. If you are looking for the hustle and bustle, then you should opt for a hotel there, or for those at a walking distance from the bay, like Marriott, Hilton and Sofitel. However, if you are searching for a peaceful holiday, where you can enjoy the beach, the hotel’s facilities and sports such as golf and tennis – Maritim Jolie Ville Golf and Resort is around 10 minutes by taxi from Ne’ama bay. It is one of many recom -mended hotels. Most other hotels are located not far from the bay by taxi. Excursions & Aqua SportsSharm El Sheikh is home to many water sports and marine related activities. Many diving centers offer boat trips to explore the wonders of the sea.

The National Park in Ras Mohammed

located on the very tip of the Sinai Peninsula probably represents some of the most famous diving sites in the Red Sea with 800-metre (2,600 ft) deep reef walls and pounding current and coral gardens. Other great div-ing sites include, Ras Om El Sid, Tiran Island, the Straits of Tiran and wrecks like the Thistlegorm and Dunraven. An interesting place is El Fanar, an ecological diving site all surrounded by the sea, located in Ras Um El Sid. Any kind of aquatic sports is available in Sharm, from Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, para-sailing and canoeing, to glass bottom boats to explore the marine life of the red sea with out getting wet. Diving centers are located everywhere, at Naama Bay, El Hadaba, Nab’q Bay It is advisable to check various excursions and reserve with your tour operator prior to your arrival, or the concierge at your hotel can assist you to find a reliable tour agency, or you can check with the tour agency at your hotel, if any. You can also enjoy an exciting camel ride in the desert, or a dining experience with a Bedouin family, where you can get introduced to their different customs and traditions. A desert safari in a 4WD Jeep, and hike up the colorful rocky mountains in the colored canyon, which is located at a distance of around 240 kilometers from Sharm, nearby Noweiba, is another exciting and unique activity.

Diving Centers

Sharm is a hub for divers and diving centers. In every corner, all around the city or even in your hotel, you will find one. Centers usually provide training for beginners or amateurs as well as training certificates. Ask your hotel concierge for the best and well-known centers in the vicinity.

Recreation and Entertainment

Aqua Park- El Hadaba Cleo Park is the first pharoanic-themed water park to open in Sharm. It is located in the heart of Ne’ama Bay.You can purchase your tickets at the door. Opening hours: daily from 10:00 am until sunset.

3D Cinema

The only 3D movie experience in Sharm that will introduce you to the Red Sea life, without having to go through a real diving experience. The show is for around 45 minutes. You can make your reservations at the Jolie Ville Golf and Resort desk or from the main office. Operating hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm- 10:00 pm

United Submarine

Explore the Red Sea life with United Submarines. You can reserve from the Savoy Hotel, Soho Square or from their address at Hadabet Um El Sid. The trip lasts for around an hour and a half.

Soho Square

This area is an entertainment of its own. Visitors will love the ice skating rink, where professionals are there to help you. Open daily from 7 pm to midnight. The Bowling Alley is the first of its kind, with its disco style phosphoric lanes, bowling pins and lanes. Open from 7 pm to midnight. The Culturama is an interesting and fun way to know more about the whole of Egypt’s history through a 180 degree, nine panoramic screens, then you have an entire mile of fun shopping, and for the kids, there is a special arcade reserved for them.


There are shopping malls galore in Sharm. Visitors will find all sorts, from Egyptian crafts such as hand woven rugs, kilims, hand-blown glass, desert style jewellery and accessories, to clothes and beach wear.The three main shopping areas are in Ne’ama Bay Promenade, the Old Market and El Mercato, next to Ritz Carlton Hotel on Sharm Elysee Road.As you are strolling on Ne’ama Bay,take a look at Aladin art gallery. You will marvel at its exquisite and uniquely displayed collection offered at mod-erate prices. Aladin displays a large collection of distinctive Egyptian arts and crafts, from 100% hand-woven Egyptian items, leather bags, to fused glass items and hand made desert style jewelry and accessories. Kenooz Antique Shop is for antique collectors. Although the shop is very small and packed with items in a disorganized and chaotic manner, yet it is worth the stop. Baraka Carpets has seventeen years experience in carpet-making and it is clearly demonstrated in this shop. Even those who are not even considering one, will probably end up buying one of those little Bedouin style pillow covers or small wool Bedouin kil -ims. If you go to El Mercato, keep an eye on the man who has an open dis -play of all kinds of trinkets that you can pack in your suitcase such as old wine jugs, old doorknockers, and other flea market types of items.At the Old Market, you will love the col-orful display of souvenirs, beachwear, Egyptian crafts and brics and bracs, that you will want to take back home with you. Of course, a belly dancers’ outfit displayed in many shops, should be on your list too.


There are lots of venues where you can hang out. If you only stroll the Ne’ama Bay promenade, you will find all types of authentic restaurants, ice cream shops, nightclubs, and fast food out -lets. It is a bustling place that almost never sleeps. Hard Rock Café and Sanafir are among the popular places there. Little Buddha restaurant , sushi bar and lounge, is the sister venue of the Buddha Bar – Paris. The restaurant opens from 3:00 pm- 2:30 am, offering an assortment of Asian dishes. The bar opens from 1:00 am- 4:00 am, while the lounge opens daily from 11:30 pm with an entrance fee of around US$25. Girls shouldn’t miss the girls’ night out every Wednesday (for the moment), which includes free entrance and one free.drink. Also, don’t miss Little Buddha gift shop located next door. Reservations are highly recommended. El Fishaway Café is another popular place to visit, for a Shisha and their famous hot


At Soho Square, located next to the Savoy hotel and not far from the air -port, you will find anything your heart desires, among which are Pangaea or Caligula Night Clubs , and the Ice Bar, where you will literally be seated on ice stools, surrounded by ice everywhere. If you haven’t packed your snow jacket, don’t worry, you will be provided with one by the staff.Terrazzina Beach Party is on every Friday. Displaying the best beach music from 1 pm until late at night.


Several casinos are located all over Sharm, one of the most famous and attracting is Sinai Sharm Grand Casino, located on the main road- Peace Road.

Dining Experience

Fish lovers shouldn’t miss Fares – a local restaurant at the old market (souk). It is around 10- 15 minutes away by taxi from Ne’ama bay. The restaurant is on the go, day and night. Choose your fish and shrimps fresh from the net and enjoy dining in their modest and inexpensive restaurant. No reservation is required. El Masreen is also in old souk and serves Kebab and Kofta, the aroma of the grilled lamb meat will make you pay a second visit. Dananeeris a first category restaurant in Sharm as per www. web-site. A reasonably priced seafood and steak house restaurant. The restaurant has a unique arabesque setting, with wooden chairs and tables inlaid with mother of pearl, as well as Mashrabeya style windows enabling the guest to look over the Ne’ama promenade. It is recommended to reserve if the num -ber is 10 or more. Abou El Sid is known for its assortment of appetizers, such as tahini, hummus, cold vine leaves stuffed with rice, kobeba (lamb meatballs) besides typical Egyptian dishes. Zaman, the Lebanese restaurant, serves an authen-tic cuisine. Open buffet is only on Wednesdays. It is located at the Jolie Ville Royal Club/ Jolie Ville Golf and Resort. Dine whilst enjoying a remark -able view of the hotel’s golf course. Reservation is highly recommended. Soho Square’s Indian restaurant, Bombay and Savoy’s Rosmarino are a little on the expensive side, but are highly recommended. A new Steak House opened called La Parrila Steak house is under Italian management and offers pasta specialties, grilled dishes, hamburgers and a variety of sandwiches. Take-away and catering service is available. Another Italian restaurant that opens from noon to midnight is Da Maria is unique as it is perched on a terrace on a reef over-looking the Red Sea. Method of payment at most of the restaurants is in Egyptian and foreign currency, as well as, credit cards

Conventional Tourism

Sharm is equipped with different con -ference centers, and most hotels are specially equipped with ballrooms and meeting places for conference settings. Among the many are the Savoy Conference Center, Egypt Hall and The Maritim Jolie Ville International Congress Center on Peace Road next to Jolie Ville Hotel.

Real Estate

Sharm’s real estate is booming, as many tousists find the city a resort to return to, more than once. Home val -ues are excellent for investment, also renting an apartment or family chalets can be as little as LE 1,000 or US$500 – 600 a month. There are many repu -table real estate agencies that can show you the home of your dreams,perched around the city.


Taxis (white and blue) are your best transport. You will have to negotiate the price first, but it is approximately 10 dollars more or less from one site to another, and drivers accept any kind of currency.Free Shuttle Buses: Usually hotels provide a free shuttle bus service from the hotel to Ne’ama Bay and back as well as airport pickups and transfer. Rent a Car: The concierge at your hotel can connect you with nearby car rental service agencies, or you can check the car rental service desk at your hotel. How to get there By land from Cairo is around a five to six hours drive, or by air, since Sharm has an international airport attracting both internal and international charter flights.

The booming Nabq Bay City

Nabq bay stands out; it is a tranquil bay 20 minutes away from the bustling Ne’ama bay. It is highly recommended for families and seekers of a peaceful and relaxing vacation. At Nabq, you can enjoy a nice stroll at La Strada and the nearby El Khan promenade .You can also enjoy a relaxing morning coffee at Starbucks (El Khan, infront of Beach Resort Laguna Vista Squash and Tennis). El Khan has its unique style of hut-shaped buildings denoting acharming ambience on the site.Nabq is equipped with different facilities such as supermarkets, one of which is METRO next to Oriental Resort and in front of La Strada shopping arcade.For any emergencies, El Ezzaby phara  macy operates 24/7 and is located at El Khan entrance promenade, infrontof Laguna Vista Hotel. Do not miss La Strada free bus service, a good way to get an overview of the whole area. Check its pick up and drop points with your hotel. If you opt to purchase some spices to take back home, you will find what you are looking for at the Nubian Beauty shopat La Strada. The shop has a nice collection of spices, herbs, olive oil and natural products. You should try and take back home at least 250 grams of the Sinai green tea, mixed with desert herbs of habuck and marmaraya.

Sharm El shaikh Directory

Aladin Art Gallery •

The shop opens daily from 7:00 am – 2:00 am, which is one of the few shops to open that early. Location: In front of the Pacha Club, Ne’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh. Shop Cellular: +20-10-094-6454. E-mail:

Baraka Carpets •

Sharm Mall, Opposite Pacha • Club, Ne’ ama Bay, just next door to Sharm El Sheikh Real Estate. Tel:+20-12-218-1597 or +20-12-372-2540

Little Buddha Bar •

Contact Information Sharm El Sheikh Naama Bay Hotel

Tel: +20-69- 360-1030

Fax: +20-69- 360-1588



Dananeer Restaurant: •

Shamandura Mall, King of Bahrin St, Ne’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh

Tel: +20-69- 360-0321

Shamandura Mall, King of Bahrin St,Ne’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh

Tel: +20-69- 360-0321

Abou El Seid: • right behind hardrock café on the upper floor. Sharm El Sheikh.Operates daily from 12:00 pm- • 2:00 am. Reservation is highly recommended Tel:+20-12-406-1260 or +20-69-360-3910

Sharm El Sheikh Real Estate •

5 El Guindy Mall, Opposite Pacha Club President: Mr. Tarek El Saadi


Fax: +20-69-360-0926


E-mail: tarek@


3D Cinema Tickets •

214 A El Salam Road (Sunny Lakes), Sharm El Sheikh Ticket prices: $15 for adults, $10 for children Operating hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 4:00 pm- 10:00 pm Tel: +20-69-360-4500 Fax: +20-69-360-4499 +20-11-666-6167 +20-11-666-6168 E-mail: or at the Jolie Ville Golf and Resort

United Submarine •

Ticket prices: US$35. There are different prices for European Unio and British citizens

For reservation contact:


Address: Villa #220, Ard El Mazad Hadabet Um El Sid. Sharm El Sheik Tel:+20-10-005-9512;+20-12-778- 4638; +20-69-366-2252

La Parilla Steak House •

Dahab Mall 35, Hadaba. Sharm El Sheikh Tel: 019 489 8288 Terrazzina Beach • , Sharm El May beside Iberotel Palace, Sharm El Sheikh For information

call: +20-10-500 6621

Da Maria Hadaba Sharm El sheikh.

Salah Taher St left of Anphoras Hotel. Call: +20-10-008 9496 or • +20-10-259 8108

Metro Supermarket •

at Nabq Bay Sharm El Sheikh Call: +20-19619 or +20-69-371-0597 El Ezaby Pharmacy • . Sharm ElSheikh Call: +20-19600 or +20-12-161 6190

Amanda Beach Garden Hotel. •

Sharm El Sheikh Tel: +20-10-426 3088

Cleo Aqua Park •

Peace Road Sharm El Sheikh Ticket prices: Adults US$35, Childre US$20, Children 0-4 years old are free. Prices for entrance and park usag only +20-69-360-4400,

Soho Square

for reservations at all outlets, call: Royal Savoy Hotel White Knight Beach, Sharm El Sheikh.

Tel: +20-69- 360 2777

Jolie Ville Golf Resort • , Sharm ElSheikh

Tel: +20-69-3600 630/1/2

Kan Zaman Restaurant •

Na’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh

Tel: +20-69- 360 4488 & • +20-10-131 9021 •


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