Egypt`s Festivities at ITB Berlin 2013

Egypt had established many festivities during its participation at ITB Berlin 2013 that resulted in significant positive reverberations.

During the press conference held under the title “Egypt Moving Forward” the Egyptian Minister signed a contract of intent with representatives of ITB Berlin for hosting “Egyptian Travel Trade Market Powered By ITB” in Sharm El-Sheikh during 2015. Also the Egyptian Minister of Tourism had honored important German figures working in the field of tourism including the head of the Federation of German tour operators, the President of the Federation of German Tourist Economy, and heads of leading tour operators and airlines ( TUI, Thomas, FTI, Schauinsland, REWE, Sun Express, QTA, BTW(

Moreover, during the celebration that occurred at the Egyptian pavilion FTI head had announced the operation of a new tourism program that includes six weekly trips to both Taba and Luxor so that German tourists can enjoy sun and sea tourism in addition to cultural tourism. Also an announcement was made about the publishing of a new book under the title “Love In Luxor” for the famous German writer Kate Pullinger.

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and the Group managing director of Soma Bay were awarded the best golf destination according to a survey organized by “Golf Journal” magazine.   576282_576721752346120_2058718933_n6546_577745025577126_429194572_n


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