Is Egypt safe for tourists?

Yes its safe for Tourists

Quite Alone

Pyramid19CDatePalms[UPDATE – 3 July 2013: Since May, when I wrote this post, the situation in Egypt has changed for the worse. However, I’m not providing updated info on this page. Read on for a general overview of travel safety in Egypt, but also follow the news, ask travel companies and check your governmental travel advisory for up-to-date guidance. And/or follow me on Twitter @matthewteller]

I’m just back from 3 weeks in Egypt – and yes, the country is safe for tourists.

That’s it. Go ahead and book your holiday. You’ll have a fabulous time. Thanks for reading.

Oh, you want more?

For this particular trip I didn’t go to Alex or the Delta, I didn’t go to Sinai & the Red Sea resorts, and I didn’t go to the Western Desert. That’s a chunk of Egypt missing. But I did spend time in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, I did…

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