Egypt Tourism Authority Launches New #thisisegypt Campaign

ETPA-January1 (18)

The Egyptian Tourist Authority (ETA) has announced today the launch of a new campaign titled “This is Egypt” (#thisisegypt), to kick-start a major domestic campaign to drive growth in the tourism sector.

♦In a departure from previous ETA campaigns, #thisisegypt will be adigital-first, focusing on peer-to-peer advocacy and digital media.

In addition to the traditional advertising methods that will be undertaken by the ETA, #thisisegypt will be the first new campaign for the tourism sector since 2012.
This Is Egypt focuses on personalizing the Egyptian experience by encouraging Egyptians to celebrate and share what theyvalue most about their country on all social media platforms – and play a positive role in retelling the nation’s narrative.
The hashtag, #thisisegypt, originally began as a grass-roots movement developed by Egyptians, and was adopted by the ETA as the campaign to give all Egyptians a chance to play a role in boosting tourism by portraying an experiential and authentic image about the country to the world.
♦The three-year campaign will focus on attracting and engaging diverse audiences, with a focus on millennials who are driven by personal experience, passion and adventure. Recent studies have shown that millennials take a higher number of trips annually compared to other age groups, driven by the aforementioned factors.

♦Millennials also have the highest level of influence in their respective communities, which indirectly affects the travel decisions of their peers – upon which this campaign heavily relies.
♦The campaign will highlight Egypt’s touristic destinations into four main geographic attractions: the Nile Valley, the Red Sea Riviera, the White Mediterranean and the Western Desert. The four destinations will be promoted across different audiences and seasons based on each of the targeted markets’ unique attraction points.
♦“The #thisisegypt campaign is built for Egyptians, by Egyptians,” said Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou. “Now more than ever we want all Egyptians to explore our country and share their positive visuals, and help reshape Egypt’s image to the world.”
The campaign comes as Egypt continues to work around the clock to enhance safety and security procedures to ensure the well-being of all travelers.

♦The country recently passed an assessment by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with inspectors from Russian, Dutch, Emirati and Italian airlines, and is also collaborating with delegations from the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia to implement the strongest security measures possible. As it launches the #thisisegypt campaign, Egypt has pledged to do all that is possible to provide all visitors – internal and external – with a safe and enjoyable experience in the country.
♦The domestic campaign will be followed with another extensive GCC and international campaign at a later stage.

About The Egyptian Tourist Authority
Egyptian Tourist Authority was established in March 1981, by presidential decree No. 134 endorsing a recommendation by the Minister of Tourism.

♦ The Authority is dedicated to promoting Egypt as a first class tourist destination, in line with the rise of tourism marketing as an independent discipline and the emergence of new tourism promotion tools.

♦ The Authority responded to the increasing competition in the travel and tourism industry, by adopting an advanced structure capable of dynamically dealing with the situation.

♦The completion is due to the rising number of new attractive destinations, budget airlines and the huge progress made by the airlines industry.


Classic Egypt back on map as FCO relaxes advice for tourists visiting Luxor and Aswan

British tourists wishing to visit the Valley of the Kings, home to Tutankhamun’s famous tomb, can once again do so safe in the knowledge that they will be covered by travel insurance after the British government relaxed long-standing advisories.

The FCO is still warning against all but essential travel to a large part of the country including Cairo and the North Sinai but destinations such as Luxor, Aswan and the Abu Simbel temples in Nubia are back on the map.

A spokesperson for the FCO said: ‘We continue to urge British nationals already in Egypt to follow the instructions of the local authorities and obey curfews where they are in place. There remains a high threat from terrorism throughout Egypt. This has not changed.’

They continued: ‘As always, the safety of British nationals is a priority. We continue to follow developments carefully, and keep our travel advice under continuous review.

‘British nationals should continue to monitor FCO travel advice closely for any updates and stay away from any demonstrations or protests.’

Speaking at a holiday industry conference in London last week, Egypt’s minister of tourism Hisham Zaazou told journalists: ‘More than 18 countries have lifted the travel advisory on Luxor and Aswan. As soon as the FCO revises its travel advice for the UK, we will work tirelessly with our valued media, travel agent and tour operator partners to communicate that the whole of Egypt is open.’

Lavrov hopes to restore tourism cooperation with Egypt





Moscow is confident that the scale of tourism cooperation with Egypt will be restored after the lift of the state of emergency in that country, the Voice of Russia correspondent Ksenya Melnikova reports.

“We have agreed on the intensive development of dialogue on tourism. This is an extremely important area of our relations and part of stabilization efforts in Egypt; as I understand, the lift of the state of emergency regime which occurred yesterday can restore the scale of tourism cooperation. I am absolutely positive about that,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a press conference after his negotiations in Cairo.

Voice of Russia 
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Hisham Zaazuo the Minister of Tourism Resigned 1st July

Each of the Minister of Tourism, Environment,Communication and the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs resigned  formally to the Council of Ministers to submit it to the presidency.

In protest at the poor performance of the institution of the presidency and not dealing with the will of the people and not to pay attention to events that fill the areas of Egypt .

hisham Zaazou

We’ll be back on the tourism track: Egypt

Click me Egypt’s Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou says the country’s tourism industry will be back in full force soon, despite recent difficulties.

Following last year’s political disruptions, the home of the Great Pyramids has struggled to regain travellers’ confidence, however, Mr Zaazou expects it all to turnaround, The Egyptian Gazette reported. He explained efforts made the Ministry as of late to reinvigorate the sector will soon payoff.

“It is time to work hard and to go forwards, not backwards,” the Minister said.Speaking at the a musical and archaeological celebration in the house of Lord Howard Carter earlier this month, Mr Zaazou reiterated that Egypt is still safe and secure for travellers from across the globe.

Last month, Egypt officially reopened the second largest of the Giza Pyramids after three years of renovations.

8 million tourists visited Egypt in 2012: Minister

Thebes (Luxor Temple pictured) was the capital...

Thebes (Luxor Temple pictured) was the capital of many of the Dynasty XVI pharaohs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tourism minister Hisham Zazou stated that he is concerned about the negative impact of political events on cultural tourism

Around 8.1 million tourists visited Egypt over the past ten months, injecting some $10 billion into the economy, announced Minister of Tourism Hisham Zazou on Monday during the annual conference of the Scandinavian embassies in Cairo.Zazou added that around 96 million overnight stays by tourists in Egyptian hotels were recorded in the same period.

Malin Karre, the Swedish ambassador in Cairo, said that Scandinavian tourists consider Egypt to be one of the best beach tourism destinations worldwide.

The Egyptian minister confirmed that beach tourism in the country has bottomed out, while cultural tourism in Luxor and Aswan is suffering due to the negative impacts of political events.He hopes that the number of tourists will reach 11 million by the end of 2012.Zazou referred to the tourism as a vital pillar of the national economy, representing 11.3 per cent of Egypt’s gross domestic product and 17 per cent of its foreign currency reserves, in addition to 12.6 per cent of the total manpower of the state, with four million people directly employed in the industry.

Recently, Egypt’s Coalition to Support Tourism (CST) has that said it will file a case against top Egyptian officials for inaction in response to statements by a Salafist sheikh who called for the demolition of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

In a television interview on Saturday night, radical Salafist scholar Morgan El-Gohary called for the destruction of Egypt’s monuments as they “were once worshipped and could be worshipped again.”


Catherine Ashton unveils replica Tomb of Tutankhamun at start of EU-Egypt Task Force

In Cairo today on the occasion of the launch of the EU-Egypt Task Force, Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission, together with Mohamed Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt, unveiled a near-perfect facsimile of the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Catherine Ashton said: “I am so excited to be here. For those of us who have the privilege of visiting this country, this is a wonderful symbol of the richness and the culture and the heritage that exist in Egypt.  It is also a wonderful expression of what we are trying to do here in Egypt with the Task Force: bring Europe and Egypt closer together and promote Egypt, this rich and great country, to show that it is a place to invest, a place to visit, a place to feel welcome at and the place we want to see succeed.”

The unveiling coincides with the 90th anniversary of the discovery of the original tomb. The technology behind the facsimile was developed by Factum Arte, based in London and Madrid, who worked for two years on the project together with the University of Basel and under licence from the Supreme Council of Antiquities. It is a gift to the Arab Republic of Egypt from the Factum Foundation and the Society of Friends of the Royal Tombs, facilitated by the EU Delegation in Egypt.

@European Commission

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

€82 million of European investments to be approved

Promoting joint investments, technology transfer and human resources development are some of the talking points on the agendas of the EU Egypt Task Force Business and Tourism Summits

The EU Egypt Task Force Business and Tourism Summits will be held on Tuesday in Cairo. The summits organised by the Egyptian business unions will be followed by a series of meetings between representatives from the Egyptian and the European sides.

The joint task force that was put into practice in Jordan and Tunisia will convene for the first time in Egypt. It is a new mechanism for dialogue that was implemented to foster cooperation between Europe and the Arab Spring countries. This innovative mechanism is intended to complement the already existing exchange channels; the Egyptian European association council and technical sub committees.

Among the agreements that are expected to be signed during the summit, there is a €20 million trade and domestic market enhancement programme, a €22 million agreement for support through agricultural small enterprise and a €40 million fund to support the third metro line going from Imbaba to the Cairo airport.

The meetings will be attended by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, the European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship Antonio Tajani, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, the President of the European Investment Bank Werner Hoyer, the foreign ministers of eight EU countries, the head of the European chambers union and more than 150 chairmen of European companies, as stated by the president of the Egyptian European chambers union Nader Riad.

Egypt will be represented by Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, and the ministers of foreign affairs, investment, industry and foreign trade, planning and international cooperation, scientific research, electricity and energy, facilities and transportation, said the chairman of the Egyptian chambers union, Ahmed El Wakil.

The tourism summit will be headed by the Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou and Antonio Tajani in the presence of the leaders of the unions of tourism, hotels and ships and the presidents of the big European countries working in the field.  The meetings will discuss an action plan for attracting European tourism and touristic investment focusing on the sustainable tourism and tourism development in Upper Egypt, clarified the head of tourism chambers union Ilhamy El-Zayat.

The chairperson of the Egyptian industries union Galal El-Zorba added that this summit is a part of the union’s programme to provide growth opportunities for the

, and to create jobs for the Egyptians, he added that the objective of the meeting is to put a roadmap for development, to open communication channels between companies on both sides of the Mediterranean, to create investment and commercial partnerships, and to maximise the benefit from the aid and finance mechanisms available for the Mediterranean area that exceed €22 billion.

The president of the investors’ associations union Mohamed Farid Khamis said that the summit is in line with various activities that aim to create alliances between Egyptian business unions to attract investments, promote exports and to innovate the industrial and services sectors . These activities include participation in international exhibitions and conferences and the connectivity between Egyptian and European companies targeting joint industrialisation or common action to enter regional markets, as well as many meetings aiming to resolve the problems of Egyptian and foreign investors and exporters and opening foreign markets for Egyptian products.

Promoting joint investments, technology transfer, human resources development, attracting European tourism mechanisms and megaprojects in infrastructure are on the agenda of the meetings, said the Secretary General of the summit Alaa Ezz.

Turkey PM Erdogan announces Egypt visit

Erdogan to be accompanied by historic delegation of 12 ministers

Cairo: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due in Egypt on November 17 for talks on boosting ties between the two countries, foreign ministry spokesman Amr Roshdi said on Saturday. He said : details of the trip were agreed during talks in Ankara on Friday between Foreign Minister Mohammad Kamel Amr and his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu.

Erdogan is to be accompanied by a delegation of 12 ministers, “the largest in the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries,” the spokesman said in a statement. Egypt’s Finance Minister Mumtaz Al Said said last month that the two countries had reached agreement on a Turkish loan of $1 billion (Dh3.67 billion) as part of an aid package of $2 billion to support the troubled Egyptian economy. Political instability since last year’s overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak has damaged Egypt’s major revenue earner, tourism, and led to a drop in foreign investments and deepened the budget deficit.


Egypt and Turkey tourism to see common promotions: Minister

Egypt and Turkey will launch a common advertising campaign to boost tourism in both countries, Egypt’s minister of tourism said during the World Travel Market that was held in London from 5 to 8 November

“The relationship [between Egyptian and Turkish tourism] is one of integration and not of competition,” Hisham Zaazou said during his meeting with his Turkish counterpart in London earlier this week.While Turkey and Egypt are both Mediterranean touristic hubs; the former is one of the largest travel destinations in the world.

Egypt, on the other hand, is much smaller in size, receiving 14 million tourists in 2010 compared to a whopping 27 million in the same year, according to United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

Tourism in Egypt was severely hit following the social and political turbulences that occurred in the aftermath of the popular uprising that forced Hosni Mubarak out of office early 2011. It started to show a slow but steady recovery in 2012, according to the latest figures.

Zaazou revealed the Egypt Air is currently cooperating with the Turkish Airlines to extend trips to areas previously not covered by the Egyptian airlines such as Brazil and South Korea.

Last October, direct flights between Istanbul in Turkey and Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt’s most sought-after beach towns, were initiated.

The minister’s statements come as part of Egypt’s effort to gather international support for the struggling tourism indusrty.

In September, Zaazou said that Egypt aimed to increase the number of visitors from a projected 12 million in 2012 to around 15 million in 2013 – which would equal the number of visitors in 2010.