Winter in Egypt – what to expect in the land of the pharaohs

Those looking for a cheap package holiday destination, but abhors the mass tourism  that should spend the winter in Egypt, because, although there is persistent rumors indicate contrary, this year no bikini ban, not only have the Red Sea resorts have sufficient capacity available. No matter what attractions you want to visit in Egypt, they have been virtually alone for themselves.

There are places for a cruise on the Nile, for example, have enough. To sail on the longest river in the world around is considered a particularly romantic way to discover Egypt. Travel of this kind can, as the Egypt holiday deals from Thomas Cook book on short notice at a travel agency in Internet or even on site. The namesake of the second largest German tour operator, among others organized the first ever cruise on the Nile, is regarded as the inventor of the package.
What he would think of a trip to Egypt in 2012? Not only in the center of Cairo Egyptian Museum missing visitors, which yes, the proximity to Tahrir Square would be more understandable. Finally, the name was linked from the outset with the uprisings against former dictator Hosni Mubarak. At the moment there is virtually unobstructed view of the pyramids. There, where a previously crowds blocked the way, now there is nothing but emptiness.
Even the White Desert and Alexandria seems to want to visit any more.
Here, the Mediterranean city was just on the point to follow up on their old feats. On the island of Pharos in the Bay of Alexandria once stood the lighthouse, it was expected to be the Seven Wonders. But almost more famous was the Library of Alexandria. In this haven of learning were formed Archimedes, Euclid and Eratosthenes. With 700,000 papyrus scrolls in ancient times it was the largest library in the world.
Since 2002 it again, the famous Library of Alexandria. Not far from the old location it was rebuilt. However, not only the facade is modern: it was created space for eight million books (in about 1.5 million have been around) and a backup copy of the Internet Archive, which includes about three petabytes.
The library, which is currently used primarily by students should also be a tourist attraction, but the largest with 2000 seats open reading room lures – like all other classic attractions – at barely more visitors.
What Thomas Cook would say probably it? He probably would advise Europeans in need of recuperation, not to be deterred by the uncertain political situation and to take an educational trip to Egypt. After all, he has done 1860.